International Student Identity Card (ISIC)


ISIC. Because you are a student.

ISIC cardThe International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status, endorsed by UNESCO, UNWTO and other institutions, governments and organisations worldwide. Each year, more than five million students around the world enjoy the benefits of the ISIC card.

Global recognition second to none
Launched by students in 1953, the card enjoys a global recognition second to none. For more than 60 years the organisations and student unions behind the ISIC card have successfully developed thousands of hundreds of attractive discounts and services for ISIC cardholders, all around the world. Read more about the history of the ISIC card.

Discounts on travel and across all categories in student life
ISIC discounts are predominantly found in the area of travel (major cost savings on flights, trains, ferries), cultural sites (ranging from New York’s Guggenheim Museum to the pyramids in Egypt) and accommodation (hotels, hostels such as Generator Hostels). Over the past decade, ISIC discounts and services have been developed on a broader scale, allowing ISIC cardholders to enjoy discounts in every area of student life. Discount categories include for example software, entertainment, and books & magazines.

Who can get an ISIC card?
girl_libraryStudents who are engaged in full-time higher, vocational or tertiary education and students in full-time secondary education can get an ISIC card. They need to be studying at a government licensed educational institution leading up to a government recognised diploma or degree. Applying for an ISIC is a simple process, and in no time at all, you will have access to thousands of discounts and benefits at home and abroad; online and offline.



Definition of full-time student
A full-time student (following a decision made as far back as 1967 by the Ministers of Education of the European UNESCO member states) studies at minimum 15 hours per week for at least 12 weeks per year at a government recognised educational institution. If you are not a full-time student, but are 30 years old or younger, you are eligible for the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC). Full-time teachers can apply for the teacher card.

Which documents do I need to get an ISIC card?

Since the ISIC card is available exclusively to full-time students, a proof of enrollment at a school, college or university is required. This can be:
  • an official enrollment document proving your full-time student status, signed/stamped and dated; or
  • a copy of your valid school ID or college card.
  • a copy of the acceptance letter from the school/university you are going to attend abroad.

Do not forget to provide an ID picture(h3.3cmxw2.8cm)!

Where can I get my ISIC card?

  • At an ISIC issuing point
    The ISIC card is available throughout Japan via a wide-spread distribution network that includes bookstores, universities, student travel companies and student service centers. Click here to find your nearest issuing point.
  • Apply online
    You can also choose to apply for an ISIC card online, click here to start the application process that only takes a few minutes. Please have scans of the requested documents as well as a digital identity picture ready to upload.

What is the cost of an ISIC card?
The price of an ISIC card is only 2,300 Yen online, or 1,750 Yen at any point of sale. An interesting fact is that on average, ISIC cardholders save about 10,700 Yen with their ISIC card each year! Click here for more facts & figures.

For more information on the ISIC card, please visit our FAQ section.

Click here to get your ISIC card.